So, in ~2010 I purchase the cassette collection of Marcel Dion, an unassuming francophone living in Edmonton, AB who spent the 80s as the host of Departures, an experimental radio program on local community radio station.

The collection was _deep_ to say the least. Almost all of it unknown at the time and many since have been subject to extensive reissues.

This was one of the cassettes I discovered in there, a 90-minute psychedelic burner still not listed on discogs:

This tape is exceptional for a few reasons:

1. it's 90-minutes long.
2. it's strong for the entirety of it.

Paul Marcano, the main artist in Lightdreams, has a palpable naivety in his music that I find strangely refreshing. Dude has been living in another dimension for decades and it feels like every tape and LP he released was a desperate attempt at communicating from the beyond.

Here is the first time I wrote about it on the internet:

Show thread

You can see Paul Marcano commenting on the Weird Canada thread.

Here is the first time I wrote about Lightdreams for waxidermy back in 2008. I believe this was the first time his records were known to North American audiences (they had somehow been desirable to Japanese folks for a while):

Paul Marcano also comments on that post.

A sad side-note: it's heartbreaking to see the comment from Patrick Lama to me ("Excellent LP, another hit from the Edmonton Explorer") RIP.

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