blatant bragging, with only ~20% seriousness 

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blatant bragging, with only ~20% seriousness 

I recently made a San Francisco→Portland drive with a dash-mounted camera, so here is a time-lapse video of that drive where each hour of real time maps to a minute of video:

The Mandalorian, except it's about a secret ancient order of cheesemakers. used to buy an italian car, that is to say: fiat currency

✏️ The first post in a new series: "In Praise of Netpbm", where I demonstrate how to create procedural pixel art with no library support in basically any programming language: journal.infinitenegativeutilit

Someone should design a percussive computer: that is to say, a machine capable of cymbalic computation.

Proposal: a web site where you can share and commission Furby-related fanart and photos. You can call it FurbAffinity.

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Show pitch: Babylon 1. "Our first, worst hope for peace."

One time I asked my brother whether he had eaten congee and he responded, "No, I only eat kana."

Well, I've got a "finished" fantasy font, complete with vowel diacritics that get automatically applied using font ligature support. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks!

One of the generated poetic forms inspired me, so I wrote a poem with that form, too: 

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I've been hoping to write a poetic-meter-generating bot for ages, and I've finally sat down and started it. I'm happy with it so far!

A thriller movie in which the outcome of a murder trial hinges on whether the accused served a real apple pie or a mock apple pie. It could be called… 

The weirdest thing about the banjo so far: for some reason—maybe because of Looney Tunes cartoons in which they're used as an implement of retribution against Coyote or Yosemite Sam—I thought the resonant surface of the banjo was fragile. Nope! In fact, you're supposed to keep a finger or two on it at all times while playing (at least in the Scruggs style.)

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