Why did Rush become "the wizard band" in people's popular imagination? Rush doesn't write songs about wizards. That's Led Zeppelin. Rush writes songs about Ayn Rand novels.

(I know too much about Rush, and not just because I was literally named after the vocalist and my mother had me listen to Tom Sawyer on repeat while I was still in the womb. I am not making either of these things up.)

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@aysamanra Just look at this album cover and say with a straight face that it doesn't have wizardry vibes

@erinbee This is definitely the most wizard-ey Rush album—it's the one that's got a song called Rivendell, after all—but it's also early and not super representative of their overall work. My impression of Rush overall is probably better fit by this album cover, i.e. "lots of technical effort put into multiple simultaneous dad jokes":

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