Current experiment: using the Glowforge to cut triangular grids on which to do works of "tri-stitch". I screwed it up in a few places, but it came out alright given that I'm not a practiced cross-stitcher and had to kinda invent tri-stitch habits as I went.

There is a non-zero chance that I am going to end up writing some completely useless LaTeX and/or Metafont code in the near future.

My brother has requested that I make him a lamp, so I'm doing rudimentary paper prototyping tonight. (This is poster-board and cover-stock, but eventually I'll be using wood and frosted acrylic.)

At lunch I thought, "Oh, it would be fun to have a ruler labeled with dozenal numbers," and I have a device that can make that, so I made one. (Using the Pittman numerals—a rotated 2 and rotated 3—for 0d10 and 0d11.)

My laser-cutter has arrived. So far, I have only made a Tutorial Object, but I plan to do much more experimentation this weekend.

One reason I've been writing posts about "backburnered" projects is to keep them fresh in mind and maybe even regenerate some excitement for them. Revisiting my thoughts about recipe graphs has definitely made me excited about returning to this project soon: journal.librarianofalexandria.

People on 🐦site keep posting "without downloading new pictures […]?" prompts, and I don't really download pictures so I expected I wouldn't have good responses to any of them. That said, I just went through my pictures directory, and I don't know, maybe this IS where I'm at mentally:

✏️ The first post in a new series: "In Praise of Netpbm", where I demonstrate how to create procedural pixel art with no library support in basically any programming language: journal.infinitenegativeutilit

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Well, I've got a "finished" fantasy font, complete with vowel diacritics that get automatically applied using font ligature support. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks!

I've been hoping to write a poetic-meter-generating bot for ages, and I've finally sat down and started it. I'm happy with it so far!

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I've decided the next big thing will be Boomer-style political cartoons but about programming, so I'm gonna get in on the ground floor of this terrible trend.

I've added a simple placeholder landscape, but I should probably add some invisible walls so you can't escape into the pastel void.

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This is not a "Renaissance cat"; this is a 1972 painting by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero titled 'Still Life With Green Soup'.

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