alcohol (in graphic design form) 

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alcohol (in graphic design form) 

Now that this Bluetooth keyboard has arrived, I can finally use my iPad the way that Steve Jobs intended: with a nub mouse.

My partner and I have been watching through The X-Files (which I have never seen all the way through) and one thing I've taken it upon myself to do is to point out every time we get the origin of a Meme Image. Tonight we got this one:

Plus, using Lua here makes it easy to do some pleasant things, like persisting state across macro calls or doing simple logic (which can be… nightmarish in something like TeX.)

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I wanted to do some writing this afternoon, so the yak I shaved instead was writing a tool to wire up a TeX-inspired markup language for producing HTML and a Lua interpreter to create a little easily-extensible markup language.

I don't think I ever posted it, but I watched the entirety of Lost earlier this year and this was my takeaway.

Also, the username—aysámanra—is "dreamer" in an old conlang of mine. (I don't do conlang stuff much any more, but it's an old hobby that's still dear to me.)

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I've been thinking about this post on and off since I first saw it:

Pictured: me, addressing the writers room of every modern Star Trek show:

Finished the Rings of Power show last night, was googling for something, and… you know what? This search suggestion tracks.

It is with a heavy heart and a guilty conscience that I must humbly and regrettably announce that I am Back On My Bullshit.

It's that time again. That's right: hand-drawn pixel art normal map time.

This Tumblr post conveniently doubles as my review of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Book of Boba Fett. (…it's a tiny bit harsher than I come down on it, but it's the right ballpark.)

Because it involves repeatedly stabbing an object many thousands of times, cross-stitch is arguably the most Klingon craft. (The text is a Klingon phrase meaning, "It is a good day to die.")

I'm working on a small-ish TTRPG project inspired by the show Lost, and I gotta say, trying to do Dharma Initiative-inspired graphic design is actually a lot of fun.

Yesterday while I was cleaning I thought, "Hm, it would be nice to have a little box for these things," so 20 minutes later I had laser-cut a little box for those things.

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