…I guess I got at least one project "done"—the self-hosted Pinboard alternative—and there are a few more I can push over the edge soon (finishing a novel, printing chapbooks of my surrealist stories, finishing a little Blades in the Dark hack) but my goal was more about learning to schedule better than just having completed stuff.

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My New Year's Resolution this year was to complete (for some value of "complete") a project a month.

I know there are mitigating factors here—you know, *gestures at everything*—so I'm not blaming myself, but I sure did flub this one bad.

My plan now is to film my fanfic of The Apple and release it with my new production company, Non-Cannon Films.

…last night I dreamed that the band Modest Mouse released a widely celebrated video game—an atmospheric, surrealist walking simulator with light puzzle elements—that was an allegorical retelling of a band member's reuniting with his estranged wife.

I know basically nothing about Modest Mouse or its members. I have no idea where this came from. What the hell, brain.

Word formulations like 'herstory' are examples of portwomanteaus.

Sometimes two unlike flavors go together surprisingly well, like fortified wine and steam buns. Sometimes unlike words go together well, too. That's why when you combine two unlike words you get a Port-Mantou.

If I were to write some cross-stitch design software, I would call it Thyme, and I would price it to be almost $10 less than competing software. That way, a stitch in Thyme would save $9.

Anyway, No Man's Sky is still very lovely and it has been nice to spend some calm refreshing times in space.

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Last night I was playing some No Man's Sky with some friends, one of whom had rushed to build a house in a storm and ended up with an awful mess of a building. We all gathered to make fun of it, then posed on top of it, then contributed to making it Worse.

Why do you never hear robot voices in scifi movies tell you that all systems are verbal or prepositional? Why are they always nominal?

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What kind of tea pairs best with MREs? 

Doing more low-poly modeling tonight, this time with a heavy gradient aesthetic instead of the pixel-heavy one. This was fun for a change.

To give a bit of comparison, here's what the same scene looks like without normal maps on the models. I try to keep things detail-less and flat, using only the normals to give them texture.

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I've been doing low-poly modeling in Blender with hand-drawn pixel art normal maps. I'm really into this look.

Currently getting to explain Esperanto Fun Facts in work chat. Several people are having trouble deciding whether I'm telling the truth or trolling, which is the hallmark of an exceptionally Fun Fact.

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The existence of Frantz Fanon implies the existence of another more staid and less interesting political philosopher named Crantz Canon.

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