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There's a stop on the Metro line I've been taking called "les gobelins", which coincidentally also describes most of the people I follow on Tumblr.

why would you call your library for turning pictures into terminal-based ascii art "aalib" when you could call it "ncursed images"?

hey folks, here's the kickstarter for #vanquisherRPG, a role-playing game i designed that doesn't require pens or paper to play:

I'm enjoying Owl House, in no small part because of how strongly I identify with Eda the Owl Lady basically all the time.

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I've only done one goblin this , but it was a quick and fun monastic goblin linocut.

I have one long-term partner and sporadically date other people, so I guess I'm low-poly.

My brother tells me:
"The more polys the more done it is
Low poly is just a mesh
Moderate poly is textured
High poly is normal mapped
A polycule is a .zip filled with finished assets"

I know it's an unreasonable pet peeve, but I'm sad that people use "low-poly" to mean "actually a lot of polygons but with flat colors instead of textures" (e.g. Untitled Goose Game), not because it's a style I dislike, but because I no longer have a good word to mean "art with actually few polygons".

@d6 @aaronlevin I too was originally planning on staying on a bigger instance, but the thing that pushed me over the edge to making my own was reading Darius's guide to running a small instance and realizing that there are some interesting things you can do with smaller instances that you really can't do with larger ones:

A scifi story about a planet-hopping smuggler who tries to lay low by posing as an aspiring writer in a literary club, and ends up falling in love with a poet. Unfortunately, their life of crime catches up to them, prompting the couple to go on the run and have adventures in space. You could call it: 

(โ€ฆwhat I meant was, "5E was heavily focus-grouped for broad appeal while simultaneously walking back the most distinctively positive and interesting features of its divisive predecessor.")

Today I almost told someone, "5th Edition is the Rise of Skywalker of D&D editions," which I think means I have Terminal Nerd Brain Poisoning and should be banned from society henceforth. Sorry, y'all.

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(โ€ฆmi ฤuste komencas ฤin ludi, do mi havas sole Brulkuniklon, Zigzagurson, Kornaruon, Laanoon, kaj Sciurvolanon.)

The fact that Pokรฉmon names are always limited to, like, twelve characters really adds an extra challenge to my goal of 'always nickname Pokรฉmon with an Esperanto translation of their name'.

As a fun sidenote: the blog I'm using here runs on WriteFreely, an ActivityPub-enabled blogging platform, so you can follow its posts directly at @getty

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