If I wanted to become a vtuber, my schtick would be playing video games while two other people roast both me and the game, and then our vtuber avatars could be little MST3K-style silhouettes in the bottom right of the stream.

The new Lord of the Rings show, "Rings of Power", is abbreviated as "RoP", which is great, because it means that Sauron's power grab was a RoP attack.

"Did you hear about the linguist with unearned self-confidence? …yeah, he was sau ssure of himself."

It is with a heavy heart and a guilty conscience that I must humbly and regrettably announce that I am Back On My Bullshit.

The elevator pitch for Matzo is something like, "What if Tracery but more of a programming language?" Pretty firmly alpha-ish software, but I already use it on a regular basis for stuff like quick random generation while running tabletop games.

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At some point I'm going to make a proper website for the language, but I now have a working and reasonably polished "try in the browser" for Matzo, my random-text-generation language: gdritter.com/mtz.html

Lost spoilers (or, like, anti-spoilers?) 

It's that time again. That's right: hand-drawn pixel art normal map time.

Decided to put together a little page about all the tabletop games I'm currently working on. It's still kinda rough, mostly pitches for unfinished stuff, but still: gdritter.com/tabletop/

(My secondary Twitter username—uzhdanra—is from the same conlang, and means "one who has spoken". My previous Mastodon account—when I was @keweddji—is from a different old conlang, and that word means "bullshit".)

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I don't know if I've said here, but aysámanra is a word from an old conlang of mine and means "dreamer" (aysám- "dream" + -anra "-er".) I'm still aisamanra (with an i instead of a y) on Twitter because I got that account in 2009 and then did some conlang spelling reform in 2011-ish.

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Still don't have the posting bit yet, but I've staked out an account for good measure: cohost.org/aysamanra

This Tumblr post conveniently doubles as my review of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Book of Boba Fett. (…it's a tiny bit harsher than I come down on it, but it's the right ballpark.)

AI grousing 

My brother also suggests using one of the Hylian writing systems—I'm particularly fond of the katakana-ish one from Wind Waker—to make a sampler that says, "Well, excuse me, princess!"

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Now that my Klingon-language cross-stitch is done, I need to start designing a few more. My brother has already requested a cross-stitched version of one of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, and I'm nervous but curious about trying to represent the Vulcan writing system in cross-stitch as well.

See, it's a place where all the businesses are built around risible and ridiculous scams. That's why they call it "Silly Con Valley".

Because it involves repeatedly stabbing an object many thousands of times, cross-stitch is arguably the most Klingon craft. (The text is a Klingon phrase meaning, "It is a good day to die.")

Concept: The Game of Theseus, a tabletop game about sailing through the Aegean sea, but you collect a metacurrency that allows you to choose and replace rules one at a time until you are finally playing a completely different game. ...or are you?

I'm working on a small-ish TTRPG project inspired by the show Lost, and I gotta say, trying to do Dharma Initiative-inspired graphic design is actually a lot of fun.

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