Unauthorized reprints of the Jeeves and Wooster books where you insert exactly one f-bomb into each one and then attribute them to the author PG-13 Wodehouse.

I've been going back and forth, but I think I've decided to get a laser-cutter. Gonna cut me some lasers.

I think there's a lot of potential for AI-as-artist-assistant—Emily Short's recent work on this is a good example—but there's also just a massive amount of garbage out there that will seem boring in just a year or two.

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AI art used to be boring, then there was a brief period recently where it seemed to develop style that was interesting, but now I've found it boring again. "Oh, cool, another formless blob. Yay. How innovative."

Last night I didn't get to sleep until late because I was inventing hypothetical future poker variants for a science fiction book my brother is writing. You know. That old normal reason.

English likes to take participle-noun phrases and drop the participial ending over time: for example, 'iced cream' became 'ice cream', 'roasted beef' became 'roast beef', 'popped tart' became 'pop tart'...

Gonna start distributing classical piano music via mailing list. That's right, I'm gonna start a 

going to invent a significantly more complicated and hard-to-reason-about resource isolation mechanism for Linux so I can call it C++Groups

Also the ideal web browser would display errors under a header that says the word "Error", in the most boring IBM-ass font you can muster. None of this "Oh Snap!" nonsense.

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I have said this before, but in light of recent Firefox changes, I reiterate: the ideal web browser would just be a modern browser engine, embedded within a UI from 2006 and with the JS Notifications API permanently disabled.

People on 🐦site keep posting "without downloading new pictures […]?" prompts, and I don't really download pictures so I expected I wouldn't have good responses to any of them. That said, I just went through my pictures directory, and I don't know, maybe this IS where I'm at mentally:

Trying to organize my music library and having to face difficult multifaced questions like, "Why and how do I have a copy of Guns & Roses' album Chinese Democracy in Ogg Vorbis?"

@rx I still check Mastodon regularly, but also, I absolutely still feel this bootstrapping problem. (I mean, I also don't post much here, either, so it's not like I'm doing much to make it an interesting destination.)

blatant bragging, with only ~20% seriousness 

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blatant bragging, with only ~20% seriousness 

I recently made a San Francisco→Portland drive with a dash-mounted camera, so here is a time-lapse video of that drive where each hour of real time maps to a minute of video: youtube.com/watch?v=jb61wE4U2P

The Mandalorian, except it's about a secret ancient order of cheesemakers. 

...money used to buy an italian car, that is to say: fiat currency

✏️ The first post in a new series: "In Praise of Netpbm", where I demonstrate how to create procedural pixel art with no library support in basically any programming language: journal.infinitenegativeutilit

Someone should design a percussive computer: that is to say, a machine capable of cymbalic computation.

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