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I'm writing a self-hosted system. I'm naming it Lament Configuration ("bookmarking for pin-heads"), but I considered other bad pun names that would get me sued, including "Del The Funky Icious" and "Lana Del Icious".

Some games I'm currently working on:
· The Wardens of Sirius, more or less a scifi Dogs in the Vineyard hack
· Delve, a minimalist grid-maps-and-dice dungeon crawler
· The Last Alliance of Men and Elves, a game intended to be played via Slack/Discord over several weeks
· Guns & Gasoline, a game where your three basic stats are Fast, Furious, and Family

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I've got like four unfinished, un-playtested tabletop RPG drafts, but I had two new ones in this past week and I am desperately trying to convince myself not to work on them or even acknowledge them.

Also, I switched my technical blog over to WriteFreely, which means it too is on the Fediverse, over at @gdritter

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The most unrealistic element I've seen in any Star Trek show yet is the family in Picard who voluntarily learn to speak their child's conlang.

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I'm still developing an intuition for how the pixel art scaling algorithm works—it turned my first attempt at a flannel shirt into a blobby mess—but it can have some pretty impressive results.

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Video game hot take: in ten years, the "obligatory crafting systems are everywhere" trend will be as embarrassing in retrospect as the late 2000's "serious games are gray and brown" trend is to us now.

Rust's primary problem right now is that there aren't enough error-handling libraries out there, so when I write mine I plan to call it the-jesus-and-error-chain.


Also, for the most part, my French was sufficient for day-to-day communication, with the major exception of the time I accidentally told a waiter that I was dead when I meant to tell him I had finished eating.

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…and I took a day trip to Stuttgart, which turned out to also coincide with the German holiday of Fasching, which in that area involves (as my friend explained) dressing up to scare away the winter, which meant I arrived to groups of people wearing garishly colorful hairy costumes and sometimes playing music and dancing.

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I also picked up a ton of French-language comic books, a specific spirit they don't export to the States, and had some really good food and wine and walked around some beautiful places, and also gave a pretty well-received talk at a Ruby conference there. Pretty good time, overall!

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I recently took a trip to Paris for the first time. It was a lot of fun overall! My two biggest surprises were:
1. The coffee there was mystifyingly bad, like every café was using stale beans, and
2. I saw a man wearing an honest-to-god stripey turtleneck, an object of clothing I associate so heavily with the Anglophone stereotype of French people that I assumed it was never worn by real French people.

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