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Today I've been taking my old notes—some dating back to high school—and filing them, which means I get to rapidly oscillate between thinking, "Wow, past-me had great ideas!" and, "Wow, past-me was a huge dumbass!"

Don't you know that if everyone always doubles the amount of garlic the recipe calls for, then recipe writers will start halving the intended amount of garlic, trapping us in a never-ending cycle?

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Going to start pushing the conspiracy theory that all those posts that say "five cloves of garlic? more like five HEADS of garlic!!!" are all the result of shady payoffs from the garlic farming lobby.

posting "G'Kdr" to the momentary amusement of all four Lisp programmers in the Babylon 5 fandom

I don't write much poetry anymore, but I wrote a lot in the past, and mostly I liked writing within stricter constraints. I wrote a ton of anapestic tetrameter when I was younger, but I also love triolets in all their variations.

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I'm finally going to implement an idea I had years ago: namely, writing a bot to devise random poetic forms (possibly including metrical, rhyme, and stanzaic schemes), and then trying to write poetry using the forms that the bot devises.

I wrote a couple new reverse proxies for web apps over the last couple weeks, called sniproxy and httpdir, because I couldn't find anything I was happy with. Here's my blog post explaining why:

My own instance, where you can see my own public links (imported from my Pinboard account) is running here:

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🎉 I'm declaring a version zero release of Lament Configuration, a small-scale self-hosted Pinboard-like bookmarking service:

I'm writing a self-hosted system. I'm naming it Lament Configuration ("bookmarking for pin-heads"), but I considered other bad pun names that would get me sued, including "Del The Funky Icious" and "Lana Del Icious".

Some games I'm currently working on:
· The Wardens of Sirius, more or less a scifi Dogs in the Vineyard hack
· Delve, a minimalist grid-maps-and-dice dungeon crawler
· The Last Alliance of Men and Elves, a game intended to be played via Slack/Discord over several weeks
· Guns & Gasoline, a game where your three basic stats are Fast, Furious, and Family

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I've got like four unfinished, un-playtested tabletop RPG drafts, but I had two new ones in this past week and I am desperately trying to convince myself not to work on them or even acknowledge them.

Also, I switched my technical blog over to WriteFreely, which means it too is on the Fediverse, over at @gdritter

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The most unrealistic element I've seen in any Star Trek show yet is the family in Picard who voluntarily learn to speak their child's conlang.

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I'm still developing an intuition for how the pixel art scaling algorithm works—it turned my first attempt at a flannel shirt into a blobby mess—but it can have some pretty impressive results.

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