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I like it when Mastodon informs me of what the popular happenings of the day are.

✏️ A blog post about how "objects" can exist even in functional languages like Haskell, why you might use them, and why you might not: journal.infinitenegativeutilit

A game like Brütal Legend, but instead of being heavy metal, it's an Italo-Disco version of Tolkien's stories. You could call it: Shadow Of Moroder.

Second thought: the game's attempts at "hacker dialogue" are deeply embarrassing, but I'm still undecided on whether that's because they're inaccurate, or because they're an authentic depiction of people who work internet memes into daily conversation.

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I picked up the game Watch Dogs 2 for cheap recently. First thought: the total omission of Berkeley in the game's theme-park-ified version of the Bay Area seems weirder than the omission of, say, Redwood City or Outer Richmond. (OTOH, I might just feel this way because I once lived in Berkeley.)

…the biggest problem with this video is that I regularly forget one of the names I came up with and alternate between two variants of it depending on whether or not I'm actively looking at how I wrote it. I did not realize this at all while making the video.

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Over the weekend, I recorded myself playing a session of 'Ex Novo', a one-to-four-player tabletop game about creating a city's map and history! It was a fun experiment and I'm pretty happy with how it came out:

If you make hobbyist Italian cheese instead of professional Italian cheese, then you've made Amateurvolone.

Some of the most persistent merchants are French vendors of Himalayan salt blocks. They're always giving you the hard sel.

bad post, just awful all around 

I've had a moderate amount of art block since this weekend. Starting Sunday, every evening, I've opened Blender or Pyxel or both, moved some boxes around idly for 20 minutes, and closed them. Part of this is work-stress and world-anxiety, but also I think I just need some kind of brain shake-up.

"Oh, yeah, I think my eventual ideal living situation is basically 'Polycule Crossing'."

I've gotten around to implementing "Unix-style" tag display in Lament Configuration. Tags with slashes are "hierarchical"—a link tagged with `a/b` is implicitly also tagged with `a`—and I think this display makes that clearer.

Today I've been taking my old notes—some dating back to high school—and filing them, which means I get to rapidly oscillate between thinking, "Wow, past-me had great ideas!" and, "Wow, past-me was a huge dumbass!"

Don't you know that if everyone always doubles the amount of garlic the recipe calls for, then recipe writers will start halving the intended amount of garlic, trapping us in a never-ending cycle?

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Going to start pushing the conspiracy theory that all those posts that say "five cloves of garlic? more like five HEADS of garlic!!!" are all the result of shady payoffs from the garlic farming lobby.

posting "G'Kdr" to the momentary amusement of all four Lisp programmers in the Babylon 5 fandom

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