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One of the generated poetic forms inspired me, so I wrote a poem with that form, too: 

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I've been hoping to write a poetic-meter-generating bot for ages, and I've finally sat down and started it. I'm happy with it so far!

A thriller movie in which the outcome of a murder trial hinges on whether the accused served a real apple pie or a mock apple pie. It could be called… 

The weirdest thing about the banjo so far: for some reason—maybe because of Looney Tunes cartoons in which they're used as an implement of retribution against Coyote or Yosemite Sam—I thought the resonant surface of the banjo was fragile. Nope! In fact, you're supposed to keep a finger or two on it at all times while playing (at least in the Scruggs style.)

photo, no ec 

uspol mention, grousing 

…I didn't want to post this un-CW'ed, but I feel like—this being the internet, after all—this CW is probably a lot scarier than the actual content of the toot.

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drawing, tentacles, eye contact 

What's a C++ programmer's favorite spirit? 

🏆 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Write a complete draft of a novel.
Write a complete draft of a good novel.

video game story 

(I mean, I'm a descriptivist: OwO and UwU have also clearly become verbalized interjections. But AFAIK they originated as non-pronounced faces.)

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I've seen a lot of people who believe that OwO and UwU are verbalized interjections, and it just struck me that it might be because the ^_^ style of emoticon has gotten so rare that people aren't used to parsing them as faces any more.

long-form media grousing 

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television grousing, vaguely implied Mandalorian spoilers 

(I know too much about Rush, and not just because I was literally named after the vocalist and my mother had me listen to Tom Sawyer on repeat while I was still in the womb. I am not making either of these things up.)

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Why did Rush become "the wizard band" in people's popular imagination? Rush doesn't write songs about wizards. That's Led Zeppelin. Rush writes songs about Ayn Rand novels.

I've decided the next big thing will be Boomer-style political cartoons but about programming, so I'm gonna get in on the ground floor of this terrible trend.

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