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Gonna start distributing classical piano music via mailing list. That's right, I'm gonna start a 

going to invent a significantly more complicated and hard-to-reason-about resource isolation mechanism for Linux so I can call it C++Groups

Also the ideal web browser would display errors under a header that says the word "Error", in the most boring IBM-ass font you can muster. None of this "Oh Snap!" nonsense.

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I have said this before, but in light of recent Firefox changes, I reiterate: the ideal web browser would just be a modern browser engine, embedded within a UI from 2006 and with the JS Notifications API permanently disabled.

People on 🐦site keep posting "without downloading new pictures […]?" prompts, and I don't really download pictures so I expected I wouldn't have good responses to any of them. That said, I just went through my pictures directory, and I don't know, maybe this IS where I'm at mentally:

Trying to organize my music library and having to face difficult multifaced questions like, "Why and how do I have a copy of Guns & Roses' album Chinese Democracy in Ogg Vorbis?"

blatant bragging, with only ~20% seriousness 

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blatant bragging, with only ~20% seriousness 

I recently made a San Francisco→Portland drive with a dash-mounted camera, so here is a time-lapse video of that drive where each hour of real time maps to a minute of video:

The Mandalorian, except it's about a secret ancient order of cheesemakers. used to buy an italian car, that is to say: fiat currency

✏️ The first post in a new series: "In Praise of Netpbm", where I demonstrate how to create procedural pixel art with no library support in basically any programming language: journal.infinitenegativeutilit

Someone should design a percussive computer: that is to say, a machine capable of cymbalic computation.

Proposal: a web site where you can share and commission Furby-related fanart and photos. You can call it FurbAffinity.

bad picture of me, no ec 

Show pitch: Babylon 1. "Our first, worst hope for peace."

One time I asked my brother whether he had eaten congee and he responded, "No, I only eat kana."

Well, I've got a "finished" fantasy font, complete with vowel diacritics that get automatically applied using font ligature support. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks!

One of the generated poetic forms inspired me, so I wrote a poem with that form, too: 

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