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Gonna play a D&D character with horns and a tail and various demonic-looking attributes who also specializes in serving drinks before meals. That's right, an Apéritifling.

Loko Moko originally derives from the Latin Locus Mocus.

…now I gotta come up with another way to procrastinate on them, I guess.

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Well, I did it: 25 posts in a row (26 counting the intro one) about projects I started but haven't worked on lately, posted daily: journal.librarianofalexandria.

I want to reassure the nervous Python developers I keep seeing: the reason constructor syntax does something different in pattern context is because it's the Mount Doom approach to data, where things get unmade in the same way they got made. Hope that helps.

i am a big enough person to admit that my previous stance of "i love going on the computer. i would like to do it every hour every day of my life and i would sacrifice anything in pursuit of this goal" was a mistaken one. i have grown as a person and can now see that going on the computer is bad and i don't want to do it

My brother has requested that I make him a lamp, so I'm doing rudimentary paper prototyping tonight. (This is poster-board and cover-stock, but eventually I'll be using wood and frosted acrylic.)

At lunch I thought, "Oh, it would be fun to have a ruler labeled with dozenal numbers," and I have a device that can make that, so I made one. (Using the Pittman numerals—a rotated 2 and rotated 3—for 0d10 and 0d11.)

The prefix o- is an honorific in Japanese, which is applied to nouns to indicate respect or politeness towards the noun in question. For example, o-cha "tea", o-mizu "water", o-possum…

Someone recently told me they didn't realize there were multiple kinds of cursive, so now I think I need to write a blog post about all the different kinds of cursive, in part so I can advocate for the one I think we should be teaching people.

My laser-cutter has arrived. So far, I have only made a Tutorial Object, but I plan to do much more experimentation this weekend.

One reason I've been writing posts about "backburnered" projects is to keep them fresh in mind and maybe even regenerate some excitement for them. Revisiting my thoughts about recipe graphs has definitely made me excited about returning to this project soon: journal.librarianofalexandria.

This month I'm doing a little project where each day I post a write-up of a project which I haven't fully abandoned but also haven't worked on lately. Here's a post about it, along with a table of contents which I'll fill in as I go: journal.librarianofalexandria.

This is a game inspired by a magic item in The Adventure Zone that allows you to modify the spells you cast by changing a single letter in the spell name. I called the game "Logomancy", but also strongly considered calling it either "Levenshtein's Destructive Resonance" or "Spelling Certain Doom".

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Took an old one-page tabletop/party game I wrote and finally put it on Itch:

On multiple occasions I've thought, "I love this premise, I should write a series of linked short stories about this, like an episodic novel, I could serialize this on a blog or something," and I have literally never followed through on finishing even one part of any of these.

I don't understand how you can want to make a ska album—novelty or not—and then not put any horns on it. Like. What.

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A while back I saw a link to an album called "Skatsune Miku" and, which was billed as a vocaloid ska album, and while I applaud the idea, the execution was hampered by the fact that the creators didn't realize that ska was not the same as pop-punk.

Anyway, not sure what unnecessary semi-masochistic movie-watching agenda I'll set after this. A chronological rewatch of every Fellini movie? Every Fast & Furious movie? Every Ralph Bakshi movie? The possibilities are endless probably.

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