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One Christmas gift for my partner this year was a custom earring rack, which I made with birch plywood on my laser-cutter and then stained much darker. (I confess I don't love the pale-front-black-sides look of untreated laser-cut wood.)

Personally, I use emacs to keep track of all the raiding and war-making I do on behalf of various Dark Lords and Ancient Evils. I don't know what I'd do without orc-mode.

I've got error reporting mostly working, so I think the final thing to do is round out the stdlib and this little random-text language will be ready for a release.

Please look forward to my Anglo-French fantasy novel exclusively about cooking, The Huile of Time.

I've been sort of idly reimplementing my first attempt at a random generation language and putting a modest bit of polish into its REPL. I'm really happy with how it's coming along.

If you think about it, a tandoor has a naan-stick surface.

Here's what happens in my brain when I play Animal Crossing and watch Deep Space 9 on the same day.

It's called "platonic love" because if someone platonically loves you then they'd be willing to do you a solid.

I'm taking this week off because I have badly needed a break for a while. I also keep thinking about stuff I could be doing at work, which I think is very good evidence that I really do need this break.

More serious Dune thoughts: 

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More serious Dune thoughts: 

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My opinion of the new Dune movie is that it did not have nearly enough Butterfly Hat. This is what a Dune adaptation should look like:

Current experiment: using the Glowforge to cut triangular grids on which to do works of "tri-stitch". I screwed it up in a few places, but it came out alright given that I'm not a practiced cross-stitcher and had to kinda invent tri-stitch habits as I went.

There is a non-zero chance that I am going to end up writing some completely useless LaTeX and/or Metafont code in the near future.

Gonna play a D&D character with horns and a tail and various demonic-looking attributes who also specializes in serving drinks before meals. That's right, an Apéritifling.

Loko Moko originally derives from the Latin Locus Mocus.

…now I gotta come up with another way to procrastinate on them, I guess.

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Well, I did it: 25 posts in a row (26 counting the intro one) about projects I started but haven't worked on lately, posted daily: journal.librarianofalexandria.

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