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(This doesn't mean that those social networks don't have problems! …it just means that people on other social networks don't usually know what they are.)

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When you see a post like, "Here's the problem with [X] social network," but posted on a social network other than [X], you can safely disregard it almost every time. …well, unless the post is about how Twitter sucks, in which case, it's correct.

(…also my Twitter archive does go back to before 2013: I didn't include those in my archive because it turns out the way I was tweeting at the time was, to put it bluntly, pure unadulterated cringe.)

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The script that I'm using I've also put online in case people want to use it, but I confess I've made no real effort to make it usable by people who aren't me:

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I've downloaded my Twitter archive and turned it into a single-page archive of all my tweets since the beginning of 2013: tweets.infinitenegativeutility I'm still iterating on it, but it's more or less browseable as-is.

Also, the username—aysámanra—is "dreamer" in an old conlang of mine. (I don't do conlang stuff much any more, but it's an old hobby that's still dear to me.)

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In light of the influx of new arrivals, I'll do a fresh : I'm Getty (he/him) and I'm a 30-something living in the Pacific Northwest. Programmer by trade and sometimes hobby, linguist by academic background, also into writing, art, crafts, food, cocktails, and abysmally bad puns. (Plus very strong left-leaning politics, but I usually keep politics off my social media these days.) I also was aisamanra on Twitter, and I'm aysamanra on Cohost.

I've been thinking about this post on and off since I first saw it:

Pictured: me, addressing the writers room of every modern Star Trek show:

Rings of Power general thoughts 

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Finished the Rings of Power show last night, was googling for something, and… you know what? This search suggestion tracks.

Scouring my recent documents because I want to write a blog post about how my approach to tabletop game design is Brechtian but I'm worried I might have already written this and forgotten it.

If I wanted to become a vtuber, my schtick would be playing video games while two other people roast both me and the game, and then our vtuber avatars could be little MST3K-style silhouettes in the bottom right of the stream.

The new Lord of the Rings show, "Rings of Power", is abbreviated as "RoP", which is great, because it means that Sauron's power grab was a RoP attack.

"Did you hear about the linguist with unearned self-confidence? …yeah, he was sau ssure of himself."

It is with a heavy heart and a guilty conscience that I must humbly and regrettably announce that I am Back On My Bullshit.

The elevator pitch for Matzo is something like, "What if Tracery but more of a programming language?" Pretty firmly alpha-ish software, but I already use it on a regular basis for stuff like quick random generation while running tabletop games.

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At some point I'm going to make a proper website for the language, but I now have a working and reasonably polished "try in the browser" for Matzo, my random-text-generation language:

Lost spoilers (or, like, anti-spoilers?) 

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