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I've been sort of idly reimplementing my first attempt at a random generation language and putting a modest bit of polish into its REPL. I'm really happy with how it's coming along.

If you think about it, a tandoor has a naan-stick surface.

Here's what happens in my brain when I play Animal Crossing and watch Deep Space 9 on the same day.

It's called "platonic love" because if someone platonically loves you then they'd be willing to do you a solid.

I'm taking this week off because I have badly needed a break for a while. I also keep thinking about stuff I could be doing at work, which I think is very good evidence that I really do need this break.

More serious Dune thoughts: 

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More serious Dune thoughts: 

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My opinion of the new Dune movie is that it did not have nearly enough Butterfly Hat. This is what a Dune adaptation should look like:

Current experiment: using the Glowforge to cut triangular grids on which to do works of "tri-stitch". I screwed it up in a few places, but it came out alright given that I'm not a practiced cross-stitcher and had to kinda invent tri-stitch habits as I went.

There is a non-zero chance that I am going to end up writing some completely useless LaTeX and/or Metafont code in the near future.

Gonna play a D&D character with horns and a tail and various demonic-looking attributes who also specializes in serving drinks before meals. That's right, an Apéritifling.

Loko Moko originally derives from the Latin Locus Mocus.

…now I gotta come up with another way to procrastinate on them, I guess.

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Well, I did it: 25 posts in a row (26 counting the intro one) about projects I started but haven't worked on lately, posted daily: journal.librarianofalexandria.

I want to reassure the nervous Python developers I keep seeing: the reason constructor syntax does something different in pattern context is because it's the Mount Doom approach to data, where things get unmade in the same way they got made. Hope that helps.

i am a big enough person to admit that my previous stance of "i love going on the computer. i would like to do it every hour every day of my life and i would sacrifice anything in pursuit of this goal" was a mistaken one. i have grown as a person and can now see that going on the computer is bad and i don't want to do it

My brother has requested that I make him a lamp, so I'm doing rudimentary paper prototyping tonight. (This is poster-board and cover-stock, but eventually I'll be using wood and frosted acrylic.)

At lunch I thought, "Oh, it would be fun to have a ruler labeled with dozenal numbers," and I have a device that can make that, so I made one. (Using the Pittman numerals—a rotated 2 and rotated 3—for 0d10 and 0d11.)

The prefix o- is an honorific in Japanese, which is applied to nouns to indicate respect or politeness towards the noun in question. For example, o-cha "tea", o-mizu "water", o-possum…

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