hobby programming is great fun because you're always like "aha i've produce a marvelous solution to this problem of my own creation!"

When people ask why bother with combinatory logic, knowing that it maps so poorly to silicone, to the point of making it quite useless - I think of Thoreau's

“This curious world we inhabit is more wonderful than convenient; more beautiful than it is useful; it is more to be admired and enjoyed than used.”

every day i recieve emails against my will and best interest

mtn dew waja blast (it's purple and has a crooked mustache)

one must imagine sisyphus making relatable content

My phone shut off in the car because of the heat 😑

Just hit my all time best colemak typing speed of 66 wpm. It's slow going, but I'm getting there.

I had my first exciting 3d printer problem since it started working well: the extruder feeder got clogged when removing filament. Luckily it was pretty easy to disassemble and clear, but still not ideal :D

shout out to python for making me second guess if true or false have to be capitalized no matter what language i'm programming in

'it was the best of times'

good. what else you got

'it was the worst of times'

no. you blew it

gamer toilet with lots of RGB lighting

Something clicked in my brain overnight, and now I can type at about 55wpm in colemak with relatively few errors.

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