In retrospect it's hard to believe how offensively stupid the Google and Microsoft "clever" interview questions were, and I sometimes wonder if and how long it will take their cultures to recover from that period. I mean, can you imagine finishing grad school, being a domain expert in some arcane field, and then having to answer questions about how many piano tuners there are on the moon for a job. Can you imagine what a company turns into, after hiring 5000 people who'd tolerate that.

the workers
they have destroyed their cage
the workers are on strike

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bro i do so many hegels my dialectic floor is ripped

Disabled people don’t do mutual aid like abled people do. The ways we do it differently than them are a big reason why abled mutual aid fucks up   #MutualAid #BlackLivesMatter #Disability

"There is some sort of perverse pleasure in knowing that it's basically impossible to send a piece of hate mail through the Internet without its being touched by a gay program. That's kind of funny.” -Eric Allman, creator of sendmail. The Advocate, 3 March 1998, p. 41.

Gonna play a D&D character with horns and a tail and various demonic-looking attributes who also specializes in serving drinks before meals. That's right, an Apéritifling.

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The prefix o- is an honorific in Japanese, which is applied to nouns to indicate respect or politeness towards the noun in question. For example, o-cha "tea", o-mizu "water", o-possum…

One reason I've been writing posts about "backburnered" projects is to keep them fresh in mind and maybe even regenerate some excitement for them. Revisiting my thoughts about recipe graphs has definitely made me excited about returning to this project soon: journal.librarianofalexandria.

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Eating food I grew myself will never not feel like magic, even if it's just fresh herbs.

This message brought to you by my lunch of deviled eggs with chives from my backyard planter.

i basically only know how to express myself with svgs sometimes :pan:

Cursed double-feature idea: Cat's Eye (1985) and Cat People (1982)

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