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covid-19, fabric masks 

few lines of a pablo neruda poem 

It's the end of the world
I wanna live inside a shopping mall
I wouldn't care about the isolation
I'm unconcerned about the Walking Dead

If it's the end of the world
I think I'd handle myself quite well
I wouldn't panic walking past the zombie
I'd try to catch up on some reading and movies

I know all I need to know...
I know all I need to do...
I learned everything from George Romero, Dario Argento
Maybe Tom Savini, Stuart Gordon, and Sam Raimi


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did you know: shakespeare's sonnets are still copyrighted, it's just that you're allowed to use them for whatever because of the fair youths doctrine

In the middle of all this, swallowed up in the noise, Colorado just abolished the death penalty and commuted the sentences of those sentenced to death.

"the death penalty cannot be, and never has been, administered equitably in the state of Colorado.”


I forgot I ordered this print a while back, it came in the mail yesterday and when I opened it this afternoon I started ugly laughing. I can't get a frame for it right now, so it's attached to the sleeve it came in and propped on the shelf near my record player. "Everything Is Fine", indeed.

("Ten Of Swords Everything Is Fine" from the Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle.)

@stelepami Let's seize and liquidate a billionaire's assets and get everyone stable housing and hot bras 🔥

Gabi Fresh just dropped a plus size lingerie collection with Playful Promises that's way more interesting than this season's Savage x Fenty: bustle.com/p/gabi-fresh-x-play

covid-19, lewd but serious. 

Ventured out to the drugstore for a few essentials and there was an announcement requesting guest assistance in the Sleep and Pain Department. I did not know they built a whole department just for me.

tonight on mastodon we see mambo no5 and babylon 5 memes colliding, the solar eclipse of the fediverse.


Imagine if the “no man can kill me/I am no man” loophole from Lord of the Rings worked in real life and suddenly women and non-binary people were just exempted from every contract, law, or regulation using gendered language.

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